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If you're looking for a creative challenge, becoming a floral designer may be the right opportunity for you.

With the retail floral industry in the United States now selling over 15 billion dollars worth of flowers each year, the demand for creative, well-trained floral designers has never been greater. And floral design schools are stepping up to meet the challenge.

But where do you go if your want to get started learning floral arranging? There are many private floral design schools, many offering online floral design courses and distance learning options. You can also check with your local community or technical college for any programs to learn floristry they may offer.

Many people recognize that learning floral design is another valuable skill that will add value to their life and career. They understand that being a floral designer provides opportunity because:

  • There is high demand for floral designers, especially for life cycle events such as funerals, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.
  • Acquiring floral designing skills will make them a valuable asset to any progressive flower shop, and provide them with an additional skill set in a shifting economy.
  • They recognize that with floral designing skills, they can own their own business. Floral businesses are perfectly suited to be either a regular retail business, or a home-based "lifestyle business". The latter appeals to those who may wish to hold their current job, deal with family responsibilities, yet still allow them to exercise their floral design talents and supplement their income.

Like all professionals, floral designers continually re-train to enhance their skills, mostly through industry seminars, workshops, and training sessions.

You can see what kind of job opportunities are available for floral designers by visiting one of the many jobs boards that can be found online.

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