How To Create A Christmas Kissing Ball

Learn to design a cute Christmas kissing ball that will add some sparkle to your holiday decor. It’s easy to do once you learn the secrets in this video.

How To Create A Christmas Kissing Ball

Wow! Sometimes simple is best. Here is a cool Christmas kissing ball design tutorial from Christopher Hiedeman that I really like.

Whether you are a veteran or newbie do-it-yourself designer, this short video shows you how easy it is to put together a fabulous kissing ball, even if you’ve never made one before.

I think you are going to truly love this video, especially if you really into quick and easy holiday decor ideas. Check it out and see if you agree!

Boom! I’m hopeful that you feel watching the video was time well-spent. I sure thought so.

Decorative kissing balls are perfect seasonal replacements for outdoor hanging baskets. They are also a great winter wedding decor idea. Simply choose ornaments that complement your wedding color or decor palette.

The one thing that I love about holiday designing is how cost-effective it can be. Most of the permanent materials, like pine garlands and wreaths, can easily be repurposed and used again in new holiday designs.

A kissing ball like this one is a perfect example of how to repurpose pine garland.

If you don’t have any garland to use, don’t worry. The materials used to make this kissing ball can readily be found at almost any craft or big box store, like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, Dollar Tree, Walmart, among others.

Rather make a natural Christmas kissing ball?

If so, then you’re not alone. As a florist, I prefer working with natural materials, like assorted evergreen branches (pine, spruce, fir), pinecones, holly, and winterberry as much as possible.


I ran across a tutorial written by David Beaulieu at The Spruce, that shows you how to make a kissing ball using mostly natural materials, things that can be sourced easily. It’s pretty much the way I learned and continue to make them myself.

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