How to Use A Floral Knife Correctly And Safely The Most Indispensable Tool A Floral Designer Works With Is A Floral Knife. Learn The Correct Way To Safely Use One Here.

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Cut Stems, Not Fingers. – The Right Way To Use A Floral Knife

When it comes to tools of the trade, the most indispensable tool a floral designer has in their toolbox is a good floral knife.

It does surprise me, however, how few aspiring floral designers actually know how to properly handle and work with one.

When it comes to using a razor-sharp blade, some people become a little skittish at the possibility of cutting themselves or worse.

But trust me, once you learn how to use a floral knife properly when working with flowers, I think you’ll find it much easier than using clippers or shears.

Not to mention it’s much quicker as well.

Sure, clippers or shears come in handy when it comes to cutting thick or woody stems, but really aren’t necessary when working with most flowers.

In this video, floral designer John McDonald shows how to properly hold and cut stems with a floral knife.

With this information and a little practice, you’ll be cutting flowers (and not your fingers) like a pro in no time! Watch and learn.

So…think you’ve got it? It’s easy.

Just remember to hold the knife steady and pull through with your arm. With a little practice, you’ll nail it.

Okay, now that you know the how and why behind using a floral knife, you’re probably wondering

What’s the best floral knife to use?

The answer really comes down to what you feel comfortable using.

For example, the one used in the video is a Clauss floral knife. It’s a good, light-weight utility knife. They come packed ten in a box and are inexpensive. We’ve used them in our shop for years.

But for me personally, the Victorinox floral knife is my favorite. Victorinox is most famously known for its line of Swiss army knives, which also work well for stem cutting (I have two of these as well).

Their floral knife is a heavier, high-quality folding knife. I own several of these and have had them for at least 15 years if not longer. They just flat-out last.

But you don’t really need to purchase a knife specifically designed for floral use. Any knife you’re comfortable using will do the job.

Just be sure it does not have a serrated edge. Serrated-edged blades can damage stems and prevent water uptake.

How to sharpen a floral knife

I recommend you have a good floral knife sharpener handy, as blades can dull quickly. Cutting flowers with a razor-sharp blade will make the job a whole lot faster and easier. Along with a floral knife, it is one of the indispensable floral tools that every designer should have.

We have several Furi Ozitech diamond-finger sharpeners in the shop, and I carry one in my traveling toolkit.

Since I rarely use clippers when designing, my sharpener sees a lot of use.

Along with the floral knives mentioned here, you can find many of the tools and supplies we use every day in our shop over at Greenfield Flower Shop’s storefront page on Amazon.

Thought I’d throw in that shameless plug, just in case you’re interested.

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