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Thanks for dropping by and welcome to my website! Let me give you a little background about myself and what I do.

My name is Greg Johnson and I am the owner of Greenfield Flower Shop in Milwaukee and the guy behind this site.

You can find out more about my background and this site below or by visiting Greenfield Flower Shop’s About Us page.

What You Will Find Here

My goal with this site is to help you become a more informed floral consumer. I try to do this by talking about the things I know best. They include:

  • resources and information about flowers
  • real-world, money-saving tips and advice you can use when buying flowers
  • wedding flower information and resources
  • the resources, tools, and information I use in my business
  • and a bit about life in the flower business

My Background

I’ve been a brick-and-mortar retail florist for more than 40 years. I’ve also been active online since 1994. In April, 1998, I launched my company website, That site has since led to several others which include:

As you can see, there’s plenty to keep me out of trouble.

Connect With Me

Connecting with me is easy. Here are the best ways.

Follow me on Twitter

If you arrived at this page through my Twitter profile (@MKEFlorist) link, you obviously have an interest in Twitter. If you haven’t already, follow me at @MKEflorist on Twitter.

I tweet an eclectic mix of things. I share a little of what I’m up to, what I’m reading, watching or doing, talk about things I’m working on, as well as resources and tips about marketing and social media that I have found useful in my business.

You’ll also get notifications of updates on this site. I invite you to follow me on Twitter so we can continue the conversation there.

Connect With Me On Facebook

Another great way to connect with me is on Facebook. I regularly post shop updates and photos there, and I invite your comments and feedback. Drop by and take a look around. While you’re there, be sure to say hello.

Check Out Our Google Business Page

You can also connect with me on our Google Business page and stay up to date with latest info from our shop.

Check Us Out On Pinterest

If you’re interested in seeing more of our wedding and custom floral work and more, then be sure to check out our boards on Pinterest.

Join Me On LinkedIn

Be sure to check out my LinkedIn page, which is another place we can connect.

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You can also see what we’re up to around here by checking out us out on Instagram.

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