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Last Updated on April 7, 2024

Want to develop a realistic wedding budget? Use this free tool to get started.

wedding planning tool

When planning a wedding, you will find that prices vary widely, depending on your wants and needs. In 2024, prices are again expected to rise due to inflation and soaring demand for wedding goods and services.

If you want to develop a realistic budget starting point for your wedding or create a checklist, you will benefit from trying this free wedding cost estimator.

The results it generates are based on spending reported by other couples who have recently held their wedding in your area.

Since the results are based on couples’ actual spending, not on vendor prices, this tool is a better guide to help you develop a realistic wedding budget.

You can enter every item you wish to include in your wedding or individual items. It’s your choice.

For instance, if you want to know how much others have spent on wedding flowers, or perhaps just a bridal bouquet in your area, you can enter that item and get the number.

Give this cost-estimating tool a try, and you’ll see why using it is far more effective than using a wedding budget calculator alone to plan and manage your expenses.

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