Avoiding a Wedding Flower Disaster – The Preventative Steps DIYers Should Take

Last Updated on September 16, 2022

They don't happen often, but occasionally a wedding flower disaster might occur. Here's our best advice to keep them from spoiling your special day.

wedding flower disaster
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This is an update to an article I wrote back in 2008, during the Great Recession. With the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, I thought it was time to revisit the issue.

You might want to read this if you are a DIY bride planning to do your wedding flowers. Wedding flower disasters don’t happen often, but they do occasionally occur.

Perhaps your flowers arrive late, or not at all. Maybe your order is shorted, or the flowers arrive in poor condition.

I don’t put this out there to scare anyone, but merely warn you that supply chain disruptions happen, and you should plan accordingly.

If one of those scenarios does happen to your wedding flowers, what, if anything, can you do?

For starters, I recommend using the services of a local florist, even if you plan to do some or all of the flowers yourself.

With all of the supply chain disruptions due to pandemic restrictions, this is not the time to be going it alone.

Florists have been dealing with these issues since the pandemic began. So it’s essential to work with someone that has your back. Local florists have been there and dealt with these same issues themselves.

How Can A Florist Help You?

Reputable local florists know the flower markets and how to navigate them. In many cases, they have exclusive access to growers and suppliers that a DIYer doesn’t have.

They also have experience in the proper care and handling of flowers, as well as the equipment to do the job right.

That knowledge, experience, and resources are vital in getting the flowers you want for your wedding, especially during these uncertain times.

This article describes some potential misconceptions that florists, including myself, commonly encounter.

It again underscores why you should work with a reputable florist for your wedding.

This article is as relevant today as it was when first written.

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But There Can Be Other Challenges As Well

When planning an event, things can happen that you can’t control. Weather is usually the biggest culprit, affecting both product quality and shipping.

Because we live in a global marketplace, other challenges can cause problems. Today, the pandemic has dramatically affected product availability as well.

It’s caused shortages of many flowers, resulting in some sharp price spikes.

For example, I found this article in Hawaii Magazine concerning the political protests which shut down the Bangkok airport a few years back, halting all shipments of orchids out of the country.

Where Have Hawaii’s Orchid Lei Gone?

Similar political protests occurred in Ecuador earlier this summer, causing major problems for flower growers due to airport shutdowns.

Since flower markets are global, scenarios like this are not uncommon since the pandemic and the resulting restrictions.

Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do on this end to affect what happens halfway around the world.

Imagine you are doing your wedding flowers, and suddenly you get a call or an email at the last minute advising you that your flowers are not available, or the cost has gone up considerably. What do you do?

Being able to rely on the experience and resources of a local florist is a great safety net.

And one that might help you avoid your own wedding flower disaster.

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wedding flower disaster
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