Alstroemeria Care – 7 Steps to Follow for Longer Vase Life Want to Have Your Fresh Cut Alstroemeria Flowers Last Longer? It's Easy If You Follow These Simple Tips.

atstroemeria care

Alstroemeria Care – 7 Steps to Follow for Longer Vase Life

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Alstroemeria, aka “Peruvian Lily,” is one of the best-selling flowers in our shop. Their longevity, durability, and colorful varieties have made them a favorite among our customers.

Alstroemeria flower arrangements like this one are some of our shop’s best-sellers.

This quick video walks you through the seven steps it takes for simple alstroemeria care. It answers many of the commonly asked questions about how to handle fresh-cut alstroemeria flowers upon arrival.

If you are an alstroemeria fan, this is a video we think you really need to check out. Watch and see!

So, did you get a few helpful tips from the video? I hope so! Caring for cut alstroemeria will help you to get a lot of enjoyment from them.

To quickly recap, here are seven steps on how to care for alstroemeria. Following these steps will help increase alstroemeria vase life. You’ll also get longer-lasting alstroemeria flower arrangements to enjoy.

  1. Remove any leaves that may be underwater.
  2. While holding the stems underwater in a sink or under running water, cut about one inch off each stem with a sharp knife or shears. DO NOT let the newly cut end dry off before transferring it into another container.
  3. If buds appear to be very tight, submerging them in warm water will promote the opening of the bloom.
  4. Water to which a floral preservative solution has been added should be used to arrange fresh-cut alstroemeria flowers. Using it as recommended will provide additional days of vase life. Try to avoid using water from a water softener.
  5. Immediately after the stems are cut, place your alstroemeria stems in a clean, deep vase of warm preservative solution (about 100 degrees F). Allow several hours to condition them before arranging.
  6. Temperature is a key factor in the lifespan of all flowers. Display your fresh cut alstroemeria arrangements in a cool area out of direct sunlight and drafts.
  7. Alstroemeria are thirsty flowers. It is important to check to see that the vase is full and add preservative solution as needed. If arranged in floral foam, be sure it is completely saturated, and the container is full daily.

That’s all there is to it, except to enjoy your flowers!

Just one other quick thing. If you plan on using a lot of alstroemeria for a wedding or event, the video references a couple of products, Floralife Quick Dip and Floralife Crystal Clear Flower Food, which are both excellent commercial grade products we use in the shop and highly recommend for treating all flowers prior to use.

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