Tulips – 7 Steps to Longer Vase Life

Tulips – 7 Steps to Longer Vase Life

When it comes to finding the best fresh-cut tulips, January through March is peak season. They are widely available, the quality is at its best, and the prices are very affordable.

This quick tulip care video includes a couple of “secrets” you can use to make your flowers last longer. Follow them and enjoy the touch of spring they will provide!

Hope the video was helpful.

Again, here are seven care tips that will help to increase the vase life and allow you to enjoy your tulips longer.

  1. Leave the flowers in the wrap and place in a vase of water under a light source, for about an hour before arranging. This will help to keep the tulips upright for longer. Tulips tend to curve towards the light.
  2. Remove any leaves that may be underwater.
  3. While holding the stems underwater in a sink or under running water, cut about one inch off each stem with a sharp knife or shears. DO NOT let the newly cut end dry off before transferring it back to your arrangement or another container.
  4. Water to which a good floral preservative has been added is the best solution in which to arrange fresh cut tulips. Using it as recommended will provide additional days of vase life. Avoid using water from a water softener.
  5. Immediately after the stems are cut, place your flowers in a clean, deep vase of warm preservative solution (about 100 degrees F). If possible leave them in a cool dark room or refrigerator to ‘condition’ for 2 or 3 hours after arranging.
  6. Temperature is key to the lifespan of tulips. Display your fresh cut tulip arrangements in a cool area out of direct sunlight and drafts.
  7. Tulips are heavy water-drinking flowers. It is important to check to see that the vase is full and add a preservative solution often. If floral foam is used, check to be sure it is completely saturated and the container is full daily.

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  1. I love tulips. And it bugs me having to spend so much for them, because they easily wither. Just so glad to have your blog, and such useful tips about tulips. Thank you very much.

  2. Tulips are beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing the tips and the video!

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