Quick Tips For Processing Fresh Flowers Like A Pro

Last Updated on June 30, 2022

Proper flower care Is fundamental to the success of a floral business. Learn how the pros do it here.

This video covers tips and techniques for processing fresh flowers. While there are tons of floral design videos online, only a handful teach you the basics of flower care the way the pros do it.

It’s important to note that not all flowers are alike, and using these different tips and techniques will ensure that your fresh flowers perform better and last longer.

Whether you purchase flowers from a reputable floral outlet or cut them from your garden, implementing these basic steps will make you a pro when it comes to taking care of fresh flowers.

I think you will find this video quite useful. Take a look, I think you’ll come away with some valuable tips.

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Did You Find the Video Helpful?

I certainly did, and that’s why I included it here. In my opinion, it explains how to process flowers the way you should do it.

I certainly hope you put these tips to good use because it’s a crucial step you need to do whenever you receive flowers.

It doesn’t matter whether they’re purchased locally or from a floral outlet online. The process is still the same.

I’m always amazed at the number of floral designers out there today who don’t know how to process flowers or use the right tools properly.

It’s the first thing we teach anyone who works for our shop, whether a newbie or a seasoned pro. Our reputation depends on the quality and vase life of the flowers we sell. That starts with proper flower care.

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Don’t Flowers Need to Be Refrigerated After Processing Them?

It’s a common misconception that cut flowers need to be refrigerated after being processed. Refrigerating flowers merely slows the opening process, but does little to extend flower life.

In my 40+ years of experience operating a brick-and-mortar shop, I’ve learned that when flowers are properly processed, they hold up really well without refrigeration.

To be fair, we do have a small portable refrigerator to hold a few corsages and a couple of buckets of flowers if necessary.

In my opinion, whenever you buy fresh flowers, keep it simple:

  1. Buy fresh
  2. Process immediately

Here’s the bottom line. Flowers will survive just fine without refrigeration, but not without proper processing and hydration.

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