7 Essential Floral Tools Every Floral Designer Needs Every Craftsman Has A Basic Set Of Tools They Work With, And Floral Designers Are No Exception. Here Are The Tools You Need.

7 Essential Floral Tools Every Floral Designer Needs

Whether you are a budding floral designer or a seasoned pro, this short video by KDIOF shows you some of the basic types of floral tools that professionals use on a daily basis.

Like any profession, you need the right tools to do the job right. It’s no different in the floral business.

If you’re serious about floral design and want to create professional-looking designs for any occasion, these 7 basic floral tools, at a minimum, should be in your arsenal.

Take a look at the video and see if you have them all or maybe need to add one or two to yours.


I’m really happy you took the time to check out the video! I hope you understand the importance of having the right tools for your floral design projects.

Once again, here’s a recap of the basic floral tools you’ll need, and the ones that I personally use.

If I had to choose only one tool to work with, a good floral knife would be my pick. It’s one tool that I use more than all others when working with flowers.

But there is another tool not mentioned in the video that we use a lot. It’s a floral bunch cutter. We use the 7.5 inch Oasis brand cutter, but there are other brands available.

I’d suggest buying a few replacement compression springs to keep on hand. It’s always the part that gives out at the most untimely moment.

Where To Find the Floral Tools You’ll Need

You can find all the tools mentioned in video at various wholesale floral sites, but I’m an Amazon Prime member, so I can get same-day delivery, usually within a couple of hours.

I’ve also installed the free Honey browser extension, so I know I’m always getting the best deal whenever I shop on Amazon.

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