Garden Roses – The Romantic Wedding Flower Choice

Last Updated on July 22, 2022

garden roses

Garden Roses – The Romantic Wedding Flower Choice

Garden roses, sometimes known as “English roses”, are one of the flowers that generate a lot of positive feedback about when people see them in arrangements and wedding bouquets we’ve done.

With many weddings and events today taking the "less is more" approach, garden roses have become increasingly popular with the DIY crowd as well. From simple hand-tied wedding bouquets using just a single rose variety, or floating roses in bowls as centerpieces, garden roses are a great choice. These elegant and tasteful flowers are easy to work with, even for the design-challenged. And because of their unique look and fragrance, your bouquets and centerpieces will have a different twist.

The most well-known garden roses sold today were developed by rose breeder and author David Austin. And like many specialty flowers, David Austin roses are grown under license only. And even though they are more expensive than other hybrid varieties that are available, they are the most popular garden roses we use in the shop today.

This video is a “behind the scenes” tour of Green Valley Floral Farm, one of the premier growers of David Austin roses in the world. Watch it and you’ll see why you too should be using these spectacular garden roses in your design work!

I hope you liked the video and came away with a new appreciation for garden roses and why they are such a special flower.

They are very different from other types of roses you may be familiar with, due to the shape of the flower. Because of their cup-shaped appearance, large petal count, and size, they are sometimes mistaken for peonies. In fact, we have used them as a substitute for peonies on occasion, when they’re not in season.

I personally like them because of their fragrance and character, as well as the wide range of colors that are available. Even though they are cut almost fully opened, they do last a surprisingly long time.

If you are considering garden roses for your wedding, you can find information about on more than 30 varieties of the most-popular garden roses here. Or you can contact us for our current prices and availability.

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