Ceremony And Reception Flowers – Who Pays For What?

Last Updated on July 17, 2022

When budgeting for ceremony and reception flowers, it important to know who pays for what. Here's a checklist of today's accepted practices.

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Ceremony And Reception Flowers – How To Decide Who Pays, And For What?

When it comes to budgeting for ceremony and reception flowers for a wedding, one thing that has changed over the years is who pays for what.

That’s especially true today with so many couples choosing to do the flowers for their wedding themselves, whole or in part.

This video from personal financial expert Farnoosh Torabi addresses some of the more delicate family and financial issues couples encounter when it comes to paying for their wedding.

If you’re a newly-engaged couple, this is a video you’re going to want to watch. So let’s dig in.

As you can see, weddings are still very much a family affair. And thanks to traditions that date back centuries, the bride’s parents continue to pay for most of it.

And part of that includes the wedding flowers. Customarily, the bride’s family has picked up the tab for all of the wedding flowers, including the bridesmaid’s bouquets, ceremony, and reception flowers.

The groom’s family has been responsible for paying for the bridal bouquet, the mother’s and grandmother’s corsages, and boutonnieres for the groomsmen.

Today, however, couples often pay for most of the wedding flowers themselves, with help from their family.

What About The Rest Of The Expenses?

Flowers are just one item on the list of wedding expenses. Knowing who is responsible for paying for many of the other items on the wedding list can be confusing.

Whether you’re looking at the overall costs or just budgeting for the wedding flowers, here’s a checklist that breaks down today’s accepted payment practices.

It should help clear up any confusion. Wedding Checklist – Who Pays For What

If you want more information about the subject addressed in the video, you can read the full blog post here.

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