How to Make A DIY Sunflower Wedding Bouquet Want to Make Your Wedding Bouquet Out of Sunflowers? It's Easy If You Follow These Steps

sunflower wedding bouquet

Find Out How To Make A Sunflower Wedding Bouquet Easily By Following These Steps

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If you are a DIY bride who loves sunflowers, putting together a DIY sunflower wedding bouquet is a quick and easy task.

Simply follow the steps in this video presentation by the folks at Blooms By The Box.

It walks you through how to make a sunflower wedding bouquet, even if you have never worked with sunflowers before.

I thought it was absolutely worth sharing. Watch it…I think you’ll agree!

I hope you enjoyed the video. As you can see, making a DIY sunflower wedding bouquet is not really that difficult, is it?

Here’s a couple of sunflower bouquets I recently did for a small, informal outdoor wedding.

I accented the sunflowers with some dark green pittosporum and tree fern, but you can use whatever greenery you like.

I tied it together with natural raffia and finished it off with a simple, shoelace-type bow. it doesn’t get much easier than that.


Choosing Sunflowers For a Wedding Bouquet

Personally, when I make any bouquets using a single flower, I like to use different flower sizes to provide a more natural look.

In the bridal bouquet pictured above, I used both large and mini-sunflowers. In the attendant’s bouquet, I just used two large blooms.

Large sunflowers are packed in 5 stem bunches, while smaller sunflowers (medium and mini) are packed in 10 stem bunches.

To make these bouquets, all I needed was one bunch of large sunflowers and one bunch of mini-sunflowers, a total of 15 stems. I also made 2 boutonnieres with the remaining mini-sunflowers.

Commercially-grown flowers are more carefully graded to provide more consistency in each bunch. In my opinion, they are your best option for wedding and floral design work.

Where the Best Place to Buy Sunflowers

If you don’t need a minimum of 25 large sunflowers, or 50 mini-sunflowers flowers, I would source them locally. Check with a reputable local florist for their price.

If you do need more than a handful of sunflowers, they are widely available online,

The sunflowers used in the video can be purchased at BloomsbytheBox (It is their video).

You can also find them at FiftyFlowers, and GlobalRose. These three are the only online suppliers I’ve had prior experience with.

There are others that look really good too, but I’m afraid I’ve never dealt with them.

If you plan on using silk sunflowers, you can find a great selection online at NearlyNatural, or at many craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby, or by ordering them through your local florist.

One quick bit of advice, if I may. If you do use silk sunflowers, I suggest mixing in fresh foliage and filler flowers whenever possible, to keep your wedding bouquets looking more lifelike.

This pretty much applies to any type of silk flowers you work with, not just sunflowers.

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