The Wedding Ceremony Arch: This Is How Professionals Design One

Last Updated on June 30, 2022

Want to create a romantic wedding ceremony arch like this one? If the answer is "Yes!", this instructional video is one you need to see!

designing a wedding arch

The Wedding Ceremony Arch: This Is How Professionals Design One

Wow! Ever wish you could create a romantic wedding ceremony arch like this one?

If the answer is “Yes!”, then be sure to check out this awesome instructional video by Kaylee Young, of Flourish by Kay.

It shows you how you can create a beautiful ceremony arch, even if you have never attempted to try your hand at making one before.

Whether you are a veteran or an inexperienced do-it-yourself designer, I think you will really enjoy this vid, especially if you love to create romantic wedding decor.

Let Kaylee walk you through the details in the video below. Check it out and see if you agree.

Blooms by the Box - Your Wholesale Flower Superstore

Awesome, wouldn’t you say? I hope you got a few good ideas from this video.

And while we’re on the topic, all of the flowers and greens used in this ceremony arch, including spirea, ranunculus, butterfly ranunculus, acacia foliage, eucalyptus, and roses, can readily be bought online at FlowerExplosion, BloomsbytheBox and GlobalRose. These three are the only ones that I’ve had personal experience buying from.

There are several others that look really good too, like and, but I’ve never used them.

If you can’t find all of the flowers you want to use, I always recommend sourcing them through a local florist. Always my go-to choice!

If you want to use silk blooms, you can find them at many craft stores like HobbyLobby and Michaels, or by ordering them through your local florist.

One other tip, if I may. When using silk flowers, I recommend using mostly fresh greens, to keep your ceremony arch looking softer and more natural.

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