What Color Should My Bridal Bouquet Be? Color Sets The Tone For A Wedding, But Should You Add It Into Your Bridal Bouquet? Let's Find Out.

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What Color Should My Bridal Bouquet Be?

Recently, a bride-to-be asked my advice on the color of flowers I would recommend for her bridal bouquet.

“I want my bridal bouquet to be all white flowers, but my best friend says that most brides now prefer bouquets with lots of colors. Is she right about this?”

There’s no doubt that color is the primary influence in weddings and events, whether it’s flowers, dresses, linens, or invitations.

I consider wedding bouquets a piece of jewelry, so I believe in using flowers and a design style that complements both your style and dress color.

Traditionally, brides have carried all-white bouquets. Whether a lush bouquet of garden roses or peonies or a more petite clutch bouquet of ranunculus, white and ivory have been the choice of most brides.

But in recent years, the all-white flower rule has been increasingly bent or broken.

We’ve done bridal bouquets in everything ranging from monochromatic colors and soft spring pastels to vibrant summer and colorful autumn shades.

This trend of using more colorful wedding flowers in bridal work doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, especially with today’s smaller weddings.

I believe that fewer flowers in today’s weddings are one reason why some brides are choosing to add a bit of color to their bouquets.

So, are all-white bridal bouquets a thing of the past?

In my opinion, no. There is still strong interest in all-white bridal bouquets.

Some brides have told me that carrying a traditional bouquet of white flowers will set them apart and make them feel special.

Others have told me they think that colorful wedding bouquets are too distracting in solo photos.

I agree with both of those sentiments.

So before you decide on the color of your bridal bouquet, answer this question.

When you walk down the aisle, do you want your guests, and most importantly the groom, to focus on your flowers, or do you want the focus to be on you?

For me, the answer is simple. The focus should be on you – it’s your wedding. So I recommend choosing flowers that complement your gown and introducing your wedding colors through your other flowers.

But in the end, whether you want your bridal bouquet to make a colorful splash or not is your decision.

In my experience, however, if you do decide on carrying a traditional white bridal bouquet, you certainly won’t be alone. I think that it’s one floral tradition that won’t ever go away.


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