Fall In Love With These Fragrant Garden Roses For Weddings Everyone Loves Using Fragrant Garden Roses For Weddings. Here's Why You Will Too.

fragrant garden roses for weddings

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Everyone Loves The Fragrance And Romance That Garden Roses Bring To Wedding Flowers. Here’s why.

The exploding use of garden roses for weddings reminds me that today’s brides-to-be place a much higher value on the types of flowers they choose for their wedding.

They want wedding flowers that are romantic and sensual because that’s what they envision themselves carrying down the aisle on their wedding day.

Most brides-to-be are willing to spend a little more on flowers that deliver on that vision. I find that especially true with the ones I meet with.

That’s why they are choosing more fragrant flowers in their wedding designs, and the use of beautiful garden roses, in particular, is growing by leaps and bounds. These beauties are the perfect balance of romance, sensuality, and cost.

I can attest to that, judging by the number of stems we’ve sold just in the last few years.

But you might be wondering…

Have Rose Growers Paid Attention?

You bet they have. Growers have responded by significantly stepping up the production and introducing new varieties of garden roses to meet the demands of today’s brides.

More are being grown and sold than I can remember in a long time.

One reason is that the garden roses of today are not the same as the delicate varieties of the past.

The modern garden rose varieties are hardier, feature elegant blooms that open beautifully, and are incredibly fragrant. They have large petal counts and longer vase life. Hard to argue with qualities like that.

Once considered pricey blooms, they can now be purchased at affordable prices. So these beauties no longer need to be reserved for special occasions. They are perfect for simple, everyday floral designs, too!


Working With Garden Roses

If you plan on using garden roses in your wedding bouquets, there is no special care required.

Simply get the roses in early and process them as directed. That will ensure you get the best quality, performance, and vase life.

Whenever we use garden roses, we place them in water for four to five days before using them. This allows them enough time to open sufficiently for maximum impact.

Garden roses are not meant to be used when they are tight. Since they do not have a traditional rose shape, their maximum visual impact occurs when nearly fully opened.

But, more importantly, their fragrant scent, which is both intoxicating and unforgettable, is released as they open.

Garden Rose Varieties

More than 60 garden rose varieties grown today are available for cut flower use. They come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and fragrances. The David Austin® wedding roses are the most prominent name, considered the gold standard of garden roses explicitly bred for the cut flower industry.

In 2000, they began breeding them with the shapes and fragrances of traditional English garden roses, but with the vase life of commercial cut rose varieties. This was a game-changer, and it created the first actual “brand” in the floral industry.


One of my favorite David Austin® wedding roses for bridal bouquets is “Leonora (aka “Ella”)” pictured above.

It features a beautiful, fragrant, and versatile white bloom that’s perfect for a romantic garden wedding. And, it’s every bit at home in today’s more intimate spaces, too.

This popular variety has definitely been a hit with our brides-to-be since it was introduced in 2019!

If you are a lover of romantic wedding flowers, you’ll love this rose, too.

So far in this article, I’ve highlighted roses from the David Austin® Wedding Collection. But these terrific flowers, with their wonderful rose scent, come in other stunning varieties. Several of them are pictured below.


Peonies Or Garden Roses?

Garden roses are often suggested as an alternative to peonies due to their similar appearance and fragrance.

More importantly, however, peonies are a seasonal crop grown outdoors and affected by adverse weather conditions.

Garden roses, on the other hand, are grown in greenhouses, keeping the blooms consistent, eliminating the weather factor, and making them available year-round.

As a floral designer, I enjoy working with both peonies and garden roses. But I also like to keep my options open when designing for weddings and events.

That said, I feel garden roses, with their ruffled petals and fruity fragrance, are more versatile to work with than peonies.

That’s especially true when designing flower crowns, corsages, and boutonnieres, where the size of the bloom needs to be more nuanced.

For more substantial flower arrangements, I love combining them both for maximum visual impact. I usually recommend using both flowers when consulting with brides-to-be.

If you want to use garden roses in place of peonies, you’ll have various colors to choose from. There are several shades of pink, including blush pink and pale pink. Peach and lavender hues are available as well.

Other colors include sand, orange, yellow, and red varieties. You’ll be sure to find something for every color palette.


Need More Inspiration?

If you want to see the un unparalleled beauty and romance of garden roses bring to a wedding on full display, check out this short video.

Now that you’ve seen a glimpse of these remarkable roses, you’re probably wondering…

Where You Can Buy Garden Roses

Planning to make your own wedding florals with garden roses? If so, you can buy “Leonora/Ella”, as well as other varieties from FiftyFlowers and BloomsByTheBox, or you can order them from your local florist.

Not all traditional wedding florists stock garden roses, but if not, they will be able to get them for you.

The highest demand occurs during the peak wedding season (May-October), so it’s important to order early for the best selection.

I’d recommend ordering at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance from your florist. Most will require a minimum order of 12 stems (1 bunch).

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