How To Design Gorgeous Wedding Bouquets Using A Bouquet Egg Bouquet Eggs Simplify Freeform Bouquet Design. Learn How Here.

Wedding bouquet designed using a bouquet egg

Using A Bouquet Egg Will Help You To Design Gorgeous Freeform Wedding Bouquets Easily

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Here is another awesome instructional wedding flower video from floral and event designer Holly Heider Chapple that shows you how to design wedding bouquets using a bouquet egg.

If you’re not familiar with what a bouquet egg is and how to use one, then be sure to check out the step-by-step video tutorial.

It teaches you all about using a bouquet egg, which is a new lightweight design tool that in my experience, is much easier to use than a wire armature.

Even if you have never worked with a bouquet egg before, this quick video will quickly bring you up to speed on how easy it is to design large free-form wedding bouquets like this, which are one of today’s trendiest wedding design looks.

I think you’ll really love this vid, especially if you love Holly’s signature look. Watch it and see if you feel the same way as I do.

I hope you liked the video, and that you are looking forward to arranging flowers using a floral egg as an armature.

Once you get started, you’ll see that designing wedding bouquets using an egg is really pretty easy.

If nothing else, understanding this design technique will definitely help to improve your overall design skill and confidence.

Where You Can Buy Bouquet Eggs

You might be wondering where you can find bouquet eggs. When they were first produced, they were only available to the trade through local floral suppliers.

Now they’re available to the consumer and DIYers over on Amazon, both the 6″ and 4″ (pictured below) sizes.

Egg Bouquet Floral Cage - 4
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While we’re on the subject, I should mention you can find the flowers and foliages used in this tutorial for sale online as well.

You can find them at websites such as FiftyFlowers, BloomsbytheBox and GlobalRose at some pretty fair prices.

These three companies are the only ones that I have had any personal experience with.

There are several others that look pretty solid too, like WholeBlossoms and BunchesDirect, but I don’t have any experience with them.

If you only need a small number of top-quality flowers, I suggest purchasing them from a local florist. Always my first choice!

If you plan on using silk flowers, you can find an outstanding selection online at sites like NearlyNatural, and at many craft websites such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby, or by ordering them through your local florist.

We used a combination of both fresh and silk flowers in this bouquet we recently did for one of our weddings.

Bridal bouquet created using a floral egg
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Here’s a quick tip I’d like to share. When using silk flowers, I always suggest using fresh greens whenever possible. They will help to keep your bouquets looking more lifelike.

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