Bloom Wedding Planning Journal Walkthrough

Last Updated on December 5, 2020

Bloom Wedding Planning Journal Walkthrough

Most people are familiar with a wedding planning journal. They are not only used to help plan your big day but also to record and document your favorite memories throughout the entire planning process, from your engagement to your reception.

Recently, I came across this short video that walks you through a chic new wedding planning journal from the planning experts at Bloom Daily Planner. It’s not only the perfect tool to plan your dream wedding, but also doubles as a wonderful keepsake.

This unique wedding planning journal was designed to allow you to step back and make sure that you are not so focused on the destination that you forget to appreciate the journey.

Made with the finest quality materials, this beautiful, sturdy wedding planning journal is one you will be proud to display on a coffee table even after your wedding is over.

If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll want to check this out. I think you’ll like what you see

wedding planning journal

I hope you enjoyed the video and see how a wedding planning journal like this one can really help you stay organized.

Just to quickly recap, the Bloom Daily Wedding Planning Journal is conveniently tabbed and contains pages for

  • Organizing your visions
  • Planning your bridal party
  • Setting up a timeline and checklists
  • Managing your budget
  • Tracking your guests, gifts and thank yous
  • Vendor planning
  • Writing your vows
  • Organizing your day of itinerary
  • Recording your memories

It also includes an undated, 18-month calendar as well.

If you would like to learn more. If so, you can get more information at Bloom Daily Planners.

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