5 Good Reasons to Use Freeze Dried Rose Petals at Your Wedding Plan on Using Fresh Rose Petals in Your Wedding? Here's Why You Might Consider Using Freeze Dried Rose Petals Instead.

freeze dried rose petals

Five Reasons to Use Freeze-Dried Rose Petals Rather Than Fresh Rose Petals at Your Wedding

This past week, I bought some freeze-dried rose petals that we need for an upcoming wedding.

The couple has purchased a custom silk damask aisle runner that they are using and then planning to donate to the church.

They are worried about staining it if they use fresh petals. And they don’t like silk petals, because they “look fake”.

So they asked if I could check with my suppliers for freeze-dried petals, which I agreed to do. After checking my local suppliers to no avail, I ordered some online.

What Are Freeze-Dried Rose Petals?

Freeze-dried rose petals are actual flower petals picked from a fresh rose and preserved by first freezing the petals (we are talking temperatures around -20°F) and then the petals are dried so all of the moisture evaporates.

What Are the Benefits of Using Freeze-Dried Rose Petals?

There are several advantages to using them rather than fresh rose petals for weddings. Here are 5 reasons why I like using them.

    1. Unlike real rose petals, you can get them in advance and they last for months without wilting
    2. They can be stored at room temperature, no refrigeration or freezing necessary
    3. They are 100% biodegradable, making them absolutely perfect for outdoor use
    4. Since they are’nt perishable, you can take advantage of lower-cost shipping
    5. You can decorate hours or even days in advance, with no last-minute rushing to finish

    All of the reasons I cited are more than enough to consider using freeze-dried petals for your event, especially if you are a DIY bride.

    Here’s a pic of a rose petal heart we did for a client using these red rose petals.

    Click image for more info

    Any Downsides to Using Freeze-Dried Rose Petals?

    Not really. Just more of a personal bias. Look, I admit it. I’m a fresh flower guy.

    I’ve worked with freeze-dried flower petals before but was never a huge fan. Most of them didn’t have good color, compared to a fresh rose petal. They looked better suited to make potpourri, rather than use at a wedding.

    But as the technology has improved, the freeze-drying process has gotten much better, so I have changed my tune and come around a bit.

    When the freeze-dried rose petals I ordered arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. They were very high-quality petals, much nicer than those I’d seen before.

    They weren’t the least expensive rose petals I found, but given the quality, they were definitely a good value for the money.

    And because they are good for the environment and won’t stain fine linens, I now have more good reasons to recommend using them from now on.

    If you plan on using rose petals in your wedding decor, you might be wondering…

    Where Can I Buy Freeze-Dried Rose Petals?

    Unlike fresh rose petals, freeze-dried rose petals are a specialty item. Most local florists and wholesale cut flower suppliers don’t carry them. Many online floral suppliers don’t carry them either.

    I found freeze-dried rose petals on Amason, and at Fiftyflowers.com, where I bought mine. Check them out for yourself.

    How Many Rose Petals Will I Need?

    That depends on how you plan to use them.

    For use down an aisle, a path, or a tabletop: One cup per square foot for light coverage, two cups per square foot for moderate coverage, and three cups per square foot for heavy coverage.

    The “average” number of petals per cup is about 35-40. The rose petal heart pictured above that we did took about 3 cups.

    One Last Tip When Using Freeze-Dried Rose Petals

    If you’re thinking about using freeze-dried petals at your event, here’s a quick tip: You can soften the petals by placing the open container into a steamy bathroom for 20-30 minutes.

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