Royal Wedding Books Top the Bestsellers List Within Hours

Last Updated on November 25, 2019

Since I’m always on the lookout for any new wedding book to draw ideas from for wedding flowers, I knew that after the Royal Wedding there would be plenty of new material hitting the bookstore shelves soon. Well, I guess the wait’s over!

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Without a doubt, this bridal bouquet will be featured in many of the top wedding books for years to come.

Monday night, I happened to catch this video segment on Access Hollywood about the the royal wedding that shows how quickly a book or magazine can be published and brought to market, using today’s technology. Even I was amazed at how fast this can actually happen. Just a matter of getting your ducks in a row, and making it happen.

On Tuesday morning, I checked the bestselling wedding books list on Amazon, only to find that two books on the Royal Wedding were already ranked in the top 10! (#1 and #3 at the time!) If you care to check for yourself, the list is here: Planning a Wedding by the Book

Greg Johnson

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