The Only Wedding Budget Tool You Will Ever Need

Last Updated on April 25, 2021

When you are planning your wedding, you want to make every dollar in your wedding budget count. That starts with determining how much money you will have available to spend.

This short video outlines 7 simple steps you should follow to determine your total wedding budget.

Knowing your budget amount is an important first step. But hold on a minute!

Before you rush out to get quotes from wedding vendors, wouldn’t it be useful to know how much other couples have actually spent on similar wedding purchases in your area?

Your Wedding Budget vs Real Wedding Costs

That’s where our wedding cost estimator tool really shows how much more useful it is than a typical wedding budget budget

The cost estimator makes it easy to research pricing on almost every item on your wedding budget checklist with just a few mouse clicks.

What makes this tool unique is that instead of using vendor prices, it gives you costs based on other couples actual spending, so you can easily see how your wedding budget relates to real wedding costs.

Armed with that information, you will be in a better negotiating position with wedding vendors, and help you to make more confident, value-based buying decisions. That’s a whole lot more than any wedding budget calculator will give you.

But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself here.

Any calculator can do the math. You’ll see why I’m convinced this is the only wedding budget tool you’ll ever need.

Greg Johnson

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