Find All the Creative Inspiration for Your Wedding You’ll Ever Need

Find All the Creative Inspiration for Your Wedding You’ll Ever Need

Recently, during a wedding consultation, I was asked, “Where do you get your creative inspiration?”

My answer was that most of my creative inspiration and ideas come through my own experience, things I’ve seen or used elsewhere, ideas from other clients, as well as books and resources I have in my personal library.

If you’re looking for creative inspiration for your wedding or special event, here’s a list of some of my favorite go-to resources. They are worth exploring.

In my opinion, they will give you all the creative inspiration and ideas you could possibly need.

Wild Flowers: Projects and Inspirations

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Absolutely one of the best books I have on my bookshelf for great, inexpensive ideas that can be incorporated into any type of wedding, party, or special event.

I have often used variations of these ideas with clients to help spark their special events and make them more memorable.

Written by two of the most celebrated event planners in the country, Avi Adler and David Stark, this book is still one of my favorite “go to” guides.

Simple Stunning Weddings: Designing and Creating Your Perfect Celebration

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This is another great idea book, especially if you are in the beginning stages of your wedding planning.

In my experience, too many brides are overwhelmed by details in planning their weddings. They spend too much time on Pinterest, “sweating the small stuff”, and lose sight of the big picture.

This book focuses on “the big picture”, the event site itself.

Since your venue is the starting point in the planning process, this book presents ways to make it best work for you, using ideas that rely on simplicity, color, and your own personality.

And the techniques presented are easy to implement anywhere, regardless of the size of your budget.

Once you understand how to focus in on the “big picture”, the planning process becomes smoother and working with outside vendors easier.

Author and wedding planner Karen Bussen, has also written a follow-up book, Simple Stunning Wedding Flowers. If you like her ideas and style, this book is also worth a look.

To Have & To Hold: Magical Wedding Bouquets

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As styles and tastes evolve, some wedding bouquet books may seem dated, even though most wedding bouquet styles remain timeless.

This book, the second by Avi Adler and David Stark, is a treasure-trove of ideas for creative, contemporary wedding bouquets.

I actually bought a copy after several brides showed me photos from this book of the bouquet they wanted. Needless to say, I was impressed after going through it.

If you need to jump-start the creative process when it comes to choosing bouquets for your wedding, this book will get your juices flowing.

There are a lot of wedding flower books available today. Most focus on the DIY crowd and saving money.

These books focus on how to work with professionals and effectively spend the money you’ve budgeted for your wedding flowers. That’s what my clients expect. That’s why they are part of my personal reference arsenal.