Learn The Secrets To Designing Fabulous Floral Hoops

Learn The Secrets To Designing Fabulous Floral Hoops

From boutonniere-sized hoops to unique hanging designs and photo backgrounds, floral hoops have been very popular in recent years for both weddings and events.

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to make show-stopping floral hoops without breaking the bank, then be sure to check out this video presentation.

Watch and see how quickly you can create gorgeous and cost-effective floral hoops like this, just by following the design tips and tricks revealed in the video.

I think you’ll truly love this video as much as I did.

At the very least, it will definitely get you thinking outside of the box. Watch and see if you agree!

So, did you like the tutorial? I honestly hope you did!.

And while we’re on the subject, all of the flowers and greens used in this floral hoop, including the huckleberry, silver dollar eucalyptus, camellia foliage, smilax, garden spray roses, ranunculus, pampas grass or bunny tail and pepper berry, can easily be found online.

You can buy these flowers at wholesale prices online at websites such as FiftyFlowers, BloomsbytheBox and GlobalRose. These are three of the sites that I’ve had experience with.

There are others that look great too, like WholeBlossoms.com and BunchesDirect.com, but I can honestly say I have not dealt with them.

If you only plan on adding a small number of flowers, I suggest sourcing them from your local florist.

If you want to substitute or add some silk flowers, you can find a terrific selection online at sites like NearlyNatural, or at many craft stores such as HobbyLobby or Michaels, or by ordering them through your local florist.

You could even take a look at Dollar Tree.

One additional bit of advice I’d like to add. If you are using silk flowers, I always suggest using fresh foliages whenever possible, as it will keep your floral hoops looking much more lifelike.

The supplies you’ll need, including clippers, water picks, wire, Design Master Petal Proofer, and Design Master Foliage Sealer can also be found on Amazon, as well as a few other places online I’m sure.

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