Eco-friendly Wedding Ideas You Can Recycle and Use

Last Updated on March 18, 2021

Eco-friendly Wedding Ideas You Can Recycle and Use

Eco-friendly wedding ideas keep popping up everywhere online these days.

Since couples have increasingly become more socially responsible, that trend continues to grow.

This short video clip focuses on what one bride did to keep her flowers and decor more “eco-friendly”, and her thoughts about the decisions she made.

I found the video pretty interesting, and I think you might too. Take a look and see.

I hope you enjoyed the video. It may not be what every bride would do, but I’m sure you can appreciate her point of view. If you want to see more, you can watch the entire video here.

Looking For An Eco-Friendly Florist

Regarding the comments about her wedding flowers, I thought her idea of looking for a local “eco-friendly” florist was worth noting.

It used to be difficult to find flowers that were sustainably grown, but that’s not the case today.

During the growing season, many local farms provide flowers to florists. We purchase from a number of farms in our area regularly during the growing season.

I’m sure that most local florists do the same.

Can’t Find Locally-Sourced Flowers?

In the commercial flower industry, all major growers are Veriflora® certified.

These certified growers practice sustainable and eco-friendly methods in their production, shipping, and labor management.

This means that almost all of the flowers sold by retail florists are produced under the strictest environmental standards.

So when it comes to buying your wedding flowers from a local florist, you can be assured you are making a socially responsible decision.

GlobalRose Wedding Flowers

But flowers and decor are not the only areas of a wedding to consider.

Other eco-friendly areas to consider

Almost every aspect of a wedding can become more earth-friendly. There are plenty of vendors out there touting products and services to do just that.

Recently, I came across several sources that I feel are worth checking out, especially if you’re looking for “eco-friendly” wedding ideas and advice. 

Eco-Beautiful Weddings – The E-Magazine & Blog for Eco-Friendly and Green Weddings

In my opinion, this is definitely a go-to site for everything “green” for your wedding. Plenty of photos of real eco-friendly weddings to draw ideas and inspiration from…

Eco-Beautiful Weddings – The E-Magazine & Blog for Eco-Friendly and Green Weddings

Allie’s Answers – Tip of the day

With everyone trying to be more socially responsible, I came across this site that offered some tips for “eco-friendly” wedding flowers. If you’re looking for more tips and advice on how to do your part for the environment, take a look at the site…

Edible Flowers and How to Use Them

I get a lot of questions about edible flowers, especially when decorating wedding cakes. Since I sell a lot more flowers than I eat, I found this article that’s got a lot of good information about using edible flowers. Bon Appetit!…

If you’ve got any other eco-friendly wedding ideas you would like to share, feel free to leave a comment below.

And let me know what you thought of the eco-friendly wedding ideas clip. Your thoughts and opinions really mean a lot to me.

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