Arranging Garden Flowers [Quick Tips]

Last Updated on July 22, 2022

Quick tips for arranging garden flowers. Get inspired and create beautiful arrangements.

garden flowers

While enjoying an early morning walk today, I couldn’t help but notice how the summertime garden flowers are in full bloom in my neighborhood.

Despite the spell of hot weather we’ve had this summer, many of the flower beds are lush and colorful.

Shows how much my neighbors enjoy and care for them.

Several of the homes in my neighborhood have beautiful beds of Asiatic lilies, which caught my eye. When they are in bloom, they are real show-stoppers!

These garden flowers also make great cut flowers, and I’m sure they’ll be snipping a few stems to make an arrangement to enjoy indoors.

And that got me thinking that you’ve probably got the urge to cut some flowers from your garden (or your neighbor’s) and make an arrangement for yourself.

If so, here are some quick tips for arranging your garden flowers…

  • Make sure you cut your flowers during the coolest part of the day. Early morning is best because that’s when garden flowers are at their best.
  • Choose blooms that are just beginning to open because they’ll last longer and continue to open in the vase.
  • Be sure to cut the stems a bit longer than you think you’ll need them because you’ll want to re-cut them before arranging them.
  • Remove any foliage below the waterline, and follow proper care and handling procedures.

This will keep your garden flowers looking their best for the maximum time.

For extra color and interest, you might want to stop by and pick up a few extra flowers from your neighborhood florist.

Start with a sprig or two of babies’ breath or a few stems of miniature carnations or alstroemeria, in addition to the blossoms you’ve cut.

Then sit back and enjoy the outdoors – indoors!

Just one more thing. If you’re thinking about planting summer-flowering bulbs in your garden, now’s the time to get going. Fall is the perfect time for planting bulbs for next summer.

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garden flowers
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