Orchid Plants: Unusual Varieties That Are Super Easy To Grow

Last Updated on July 23, 2022

Orchid plants have exploded in popularity, Check out some of the more unusual, yet easy-to-grow orchids that are available today.

orchid plants in greenhouse

Orchid plants have enjoyed increasing popularity over the last several years. Consumers no longer view them as delicate and difficult plants to grow but as hardy and easy plants to care for, with the ability to bloom year-round.

Their unique beauty, low cost, and hardiness have made them popular home decor items. With more orchid plants being produced at an affordable cost by nurseries throughout the United States and Canada, they are enjoying a huge sales boom in the home decorating marketplace.

This short video we put together showcases some of the more unusual yet easy-to-grow orchid plants that are available today.

I hope you liked the video and discovered some new varieties you haven’t seen before.

What are the Most Popular Types of Orchids?

Phalaenopsis Orchids

phalaenopsis orchid plant

With more than 60 species, phalaenopsis orchids are the most popular orchid plant sold today. This is largely due to the ease of blooming and propagation under artificial light and growing conditions.

Cattleya Orchids

catleya orchid plant

Often considered the “Cadillac” of corsage flowers, cattleya orchid plants feature large, showy flowers ranging from 5 cm to 15 cm or more.

Most often seen in white, lavender, and shades of purple, cattleya orchids come in all colors except true blue and black. The flower stalks originate from a pseudobulb, usually producing one or two blooms, but sometimes, up to ten flowers.

There are 42 species in the Cattleya genus.

Odontoglossum Orchids

odontoglossum orchid plant

With strikingly colorful blooms and unique patterns, odontoglossum orchid plants are a favorite among orchid enthusiasts.

These plants are known for their ability to thrive in cooler temperatures, making them ideal for growing indoors in temperate climates.

Odontoglossums are also appreciated for their elegant appearance and long-lasting flowers.

Paphiopedilum Orchids

paphiopedilum orchid plant

Paphiopedilum orchid plants are considered highly collectible by growers and enthusiasts. Commonly referred to as “Lady Slipper” orchids, they got their name from the unusual shape of the flower, which resembles a lady’s slipper.

About 80 varieties of paphiopedilums are native to areas of Southeast Asia and the Pacific regions.

Oncidium Orchids

oncidium orchid plant

Oncidium orchids are known as the “Dancing Lady” or “spray” orchids because of how the flower stalks grow.

Most people are familiar with the bright yellow varieties, but the plants can also be found in red, white, and pink. Oncidium orchid flower spikes are long, with several varieties ranging from 3m to 5m.

And here’s one more fact about orchids you might not know. Most people associate orchid growing with tropical areas like Hawaii, but Florida and California grow more orchids.

However, the three states combined produce about 90% of all the orchids and orchid plants sold in the United States.

Where To Find Unusual Orchid Plant Varieties

Phalaenopsis orchid plants are available everywhere today. Supermarkets, big-box retailers, and brick-and-mortar florists all carry them. You can even find a decent selection at Amazon.

But if you are looking for orchids that are not typically found in these places, like cymbidiums, vandas, paphiopedilums, dendrobiums, odontoglossums, and oncidiums, you’ll have a harder time finding them.

When customers ask me where they can find unusual orchid plant varieties, I suggest they check out Hausermann’s, one of the largest orchid growers in the world. Located in the Chicagoland area, they sell to the public directly and ship nationwide.

Having purchased cut orchids and plants from them many times for our shop, I’m never hesitant to recommend them.

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