The New Rules for Choosing a Florist For Your Wedding

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Knowing how to go about choosing a florist and the flowers that are right for your wedding is essential since wedding flowers are one of the most memorable and photographed elements of any wedding.

Although much of the information found online about choosing the right florist for your wedding still applies, the rules have changed.

Milwaukee wedding florist

Today, more and more brides are getting more involved in doing their own flowers, whether by choice or necessity. Working with brides who want to do part of the flowers themselves is a trend that is not just growing, it’s skyrocketing!

Creative florists understand that many brides today want to be a part of the process and embrace the idea, while other florists don’t.

If you are a “hands-on” bride looking for a florist for your wedding, the key is finding one that understands and welcomes your involvement in the creative process and is willing to work with or coach you along the way.

That way, you can do as much as your time and talent allow, but with the assurance that you’re working with a professional that’s “got your back”.

Those are the new rules for choosing the right florist for your wedding.

Personally, I enjoy working with brides who want to do some of their own flowers. In my experience, some of the best ideas I’ve gotten have come from the brides I’ve worked with.

The pictures below are from a recent wedding. With a little coaching help, all of the flowers were done by the bride and a few friends, with the exception of her bridal bouquet, which we did. Awesome job on the flowers, don’t you think?

Wedding centerpieces

In this video, wedding planner Mary Phan gives some great advice that touches on what you need to know about choosing a florist for your wedding day. She is a planner who “gets it”.

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