Create Floral Designs With Water Pearls You Can Be Proud Of

Last Updated on December 5, 2020

Create Floral Designs With Water Pearls You Can Be Proud Of

No doubt, you’ve seen water pearls used in wedding and special event arrangements, but they also can be used to bring a special touch to everyday arrangements, too.

Water pearls are not only an awesome decorative medium, professional florists use them to control placement of flowers and decorative objects when designing in clear glass containers.

That aspect is why I really love these two videos about water pearls from floral design expert Hitomi Gilliam.

This first video walks you through what they are, the right amount of pearls to use, and the proper way to care for and reuse them again.

Trust me, if you’ve never worked with water pearls before, be sure to watch this video before you move on.

If you seriously want to learn how to design in water, and not just fill up a vase, this second video shows you several effective ways to use water pearls in your floral designs.

Whether you are a pro or newbie DIYer, simply follow the advice and tips revealed in this short video. It will put to bed many of the questions that you might have about designing in water.

This video even revealed a tip or two that I hadn’t seen before!

Give it a look, I think you’ll like it!

Hey, did you get a lot out of the video? I really hope so!.

And while we’re on the subject, water pearls in all colors can easily be found online.

You can purchase them at Koyal Wholesale, Amazon, and at this shop on eBay, where I found one of the best selections.

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