Amaryllis Flower Information


One of the most stunning blooms available, Amaryllis is a great choice for holiday gift-giving. The flower embodies the meaning of beauty and pride.

They are generally available from November to May, but the peak season is Christmas through Valentine’s Day.

Cut amaryllis flowers are generally available in red, white, pink, and bi-color white with red, but other colors may also be available.

The stem length of the flower will vary depending on the variety. While some are only about 12″ tall, others reach 24″ or more. Each stem will have two to three, trumpet-shaped blooms.

Cut amaryllis flowers normally require three or four days to open, so keep that in mind if you plan on using the flowers in a centerpiece or vase bouquet. Once you receive your flowers, cut the stems under running water and place them immediately in water. Keep them away from direct sunlight, excessive heat, and drafts. Keeping your flowers in a warm environment will make them bloom faster while placing them in a cool environment slows down their opening.

This short video showcases many of the vibrant colors that they are available in.

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