Something Borrowed – Blue Wedding Bouquet Ideas You Can Use

Last Updated on February 9, 2023

Finding naturally blue flowers is challenging. Here are a few of my favorite blue flowers to use in wedding bouquets.

naturally blue flowers

Blue Wedding Bouquet Ideas: Creative And Beautiful Flower Choices For A Memorable Bouquet

Blue wedding bouquet ideas are popping up all over the place since Pantone announced “Serenity” as one of its colors of the year in 2016.

Even though there are not a lot of naturally blue flowers, several flowers will not only provide a striking blue color but will also add a lot of interest to a bridal or attendant’s bouquet.

This short video shows you how to create a simple wedding bouquet using different types of blue flowers, including hydrangea, iris, and delphinium.

You’ll enjoy this video, especially if you are a DIY flower-arranging fan. Take a look and see if you agree.

Blue hydrangeas have been a very popular DIY wedding flower for a while now. But many brides are curious about what other types of flowers you can use to create a blue wedding bouquet.

Besides hydrangeas, other blue wedding bouquet ideas can include focal flowers such as blue iris and delphinium, which were used in this video. Both flowers are shades of blue and are perfect for wedding bouquets.

If you are looking for other natural blue flowers, a few of my favorites are blue thistle (eryngium), veronica, agapanthus and bachelor buttons (cornflower).

Some of these flowers are seasonal, so check on their availability beforehand.

Without a doubt, the most popular tinted blue flowers are blue dendrobium orchids and blue roses, but there are a lot of other flowers that can be tinted various shades of blue that you could use to fashion a blue wedding bouquet as well.

blue dendrobium=white roses bouquet

A word of caution – Tinting flowers is an art and a technique. Not all flowers tint well; some are better than others. That’s something you might want to experiment with.

I would suggest talking to your local florist and get their opinion on which flowers they would recommend tinting to use in your bouquet.

Several foliages and fillers work well with blue flowers, including most varieties of eucalyptus and Dusty Miller.

Fillers would include silver brunia and some of the smaller blue/gray succulents that are available.

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