Christmas Wreath Tutorial – Make Your Own This Holiday Season Check out this Christmas wreath tutorial and learn how to create a gorgeous holiday wreath yourself. It's easy once you know these secrets.

christmas wreath

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Make Your Own Christmas Wreath This Holiday Season

A beautiful Christmas wreath is easy to make when you know how to do it! This quick video walks you through how to make a fabulous Christmas wreath, even if you’ve never tried to put one together in your life.

If you’re new to floral design, Laura from Garden Answer will walk you through the simple steps of wreath-making, answering many of the most asked questions about putting a wreath together.

We think you’ll really like this video, especially if you love easy DIY holiday projects. Take a look and see if you agree with our take!

Better yet, go ahead and make one for your front door, or your mantle this season. Have fun, personalize it, enjoy!

I trust that enjoyed the video. Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to create a holiday wreath, you’re anxious to give it a try yourself.

Understanding the fundamentals of wreath-making is a skill that can serve you well. I know several freelance floral designers who do custom wreath design as a seasonal project, and quite frankly, have created a nice source of income from it.

Certainly, it’s something to keep in mind if you’re the creative type and have the time to devote to it.

What do you put on to decorate a Christmas wreath?

Once you’re finished making your wreath, decorating it is really the fun part. What you choose to use is really only limited by your imagination!

Being a traditionalist myself, I like to use natural elements. Some of my favorites include pine cones, lotus pods, birch branches, holly, winterberries, snowberries, dried fruit, and cinnamon sticks.

Natural items like these will dry evenly and the wreath will continue to maintain its fragrance all season long.


Most of these items can be purchased in small quantities at most floral outlets, or by a little foraging outdoors.

Winterberries Source

I love using ribbon for color and I think it adds a nice finishing touch.

Those are my personal preferences, but I’ve also decorated wreaths with silk flowers, festive ornaments, baubles, succulents, pretty much whatever my customers ask for or that I happen to have around.

One more thing… it’s important

Whenever attaching any type of decoration to a wreath, I recommend wiring it on. You can use a hot melt pan glue, but I like the security of good old-fashioned floral wire for outdoor use, especially in colder temperatures.

If you are just using the wreath indoors, it probably won’t matter much.

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