The Secret To Creating Amazing Non Floral Centerpieces

The Secret To Creating Amazing Non Floral Centerpieces

If you want to create non-floral centerpieces for your wedding, you’re not alone.

Quite a few brides are choosing to focus on table decor using candles, antiques, books, lanterns, birdcages, ornaments, and photos.

In some cases, flowers or foliages were used, but not always.

Here’s an article I came across featuring some beautiful non-floral tabletop decor ideas to get you thinking outside of the box.

Note the backgrounds and linen choices used in each of the photos. They make each of the centerpiece ideas really stand out.

In my opinion, the big takeaway from this is – it’s really important to pay attention to the details.

Whether it’s an intimate dinner party, a large event, or something in between, the little touches are often the ones that your guests remember the most.

Here are a few more examples of non-floral centerpiece ideas that I really like. In my opinion, each of them reflects the ambiance and character of the event and venue. Take a look and see what you think.

Stunning contemporary look using acrylic ribbon accented with flameless tealights!


Great vintage look for this tabletop, don’t you think?


You can never have enough candles, can you?


Here’s an elegant and innovative non-floral centerpiece idea we really like.


An elaborate centerpiece of mismatched vintage candlesticks. Time to hit the thrift store!


I really hope you enjoyed the photos

As you can see, it’s entirely possible to come up with ideas for creating great-looking non-floral centerpieces. All it takes is a little imagination and a bit of ingenuity.

Whether you collect, buy, or rent the items you use, keep the option to use flowers or foliage. In my opinion, they’ll still add the perfect finishing touch.

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