Clematis Flower Design: Using Clematis In Your Floral Designs

Last Updated on June 24, 2022

Love the beauty and look of clematis, but have never used it before? Learn how to use clematis as a cut flower in your floral designs.

clematis flowers

Clematis flowers are beautiful and showy, but when working with them, you’ll find that they are also hardy, versatile flowers.

While captivating in a vase on their own, they deliver the “Wow!” factor to your wedding and event designs.

Surprisingly, many people have shied away from using clematis, but that is beginning to change with more availability and affordable pricing.

Floral designers love some of the newer varieties available today for their long, sturdy stem and large flower size.

How To Use Clematis As A Cut Flower – What You Need To Know

This short video tutorial shows you how to use clematis in your floral designs effectively. Because clematis is a vine, it’s a little tricky when you work with it. Spend a few minutes to learn how to work with clematis, and you’ll be on your way to creating some unique floral designs.

You’ll also find out how to choose the right colors, how to make sure your flowers last longer, and the secrets to combining clematis blooms with other flowers that will make the floral designs for your event truly memorable.

Whether or not you’ve ever worked with clematis, this video will show you everything you need to know.

I hope the video has helped answer your questions about working with clematis as a cut flower.

I recall the first few times I worked with it. My biggest concern was how well it would hold up.

What I discovered was that it has great vase life if properly handled. It also holds up well in floral foam

How Long Does Clematis Last As A Cut Flower?

In average conditions, you should expect about ten days of vase life. If kept in a cool, well-lit area, you can extend the vase life up to 3 weeks.

Keeping clematis happy is pretty easy if you follow these steps.

  • Care and Handling
  • Upon arrival, cut the stems using a floral knife or clean sharp scissors before placing them in water.

  • Use Lots of Water
  • Clematis are thirsty flowers. They thrive in plenty of fresh, clean, and cold water. Start by using a clean vase that you have thoroughly cleaned.

    We use Floralife’s DCD Cleaner. We use it to clean and disinfect everything around our shop, including buckets, vases, containers, and tools.

    Good old soap and water will work too. You can add a few drops of bleach to use as a disinfectant.

    Be sure to add universal flower food to the water as directed.

  • Remove Unnecessary Foliage
  • The flowers will last longer if you remove any damaged foliage or any foliage below the waterline.

  • Temperature and Light
  • Keep them in a cool, well-lit area, if possible, but out of direct sunlight. Cooler temperatures will help to extend their vase life.

That’s all you’ll have to do if you want to get maximum enjoyment from your flowers.

Where To Buy Clematis Cut Flowers

Clematis is a specialty cut flower, with some varieties available year-round. Although the number of growers in the United States has increased, most clematis is grown in Africa and sold and shipped from the flower markets in Holland.

If you want to buy some of these beautiful flowers, you can find them at several sources online. I’ve seen them on sites like and Due to packing and shipping requirements, you’ll likely have to buy a minimum of 50 stems (5 bunches).

I would suggest ordering your flowers through a local florist, especially if you only need a small number of flowers. Most florists do not stock specialty flowers, so be sure to order at least several weeks in advance to ensure timely shipping.

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