Contemporary Decorative Vases – Ideas For Your Home And Office

Displaying Contemporary Decorative Vases in Your Home

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Contemporary decorative vases are not only eye-catching on their own, but a versatile home decor item as well.

A “contemporary-looking” vase can be easily be used anywhere in your home or office, wherever you want to showcase a clean, modern accent piece.

While many contemporary-style vases are beautiful by themselves, in my opinion, they become true works of art with the addition of just a few stems of more upscale-looking flowers, like orchids or calla lilies.

More traditional flowers like roses or lilies can also be used, or try adding a floating candle instead of flowers.

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Another way to effectively display vases is by grouping them together, similar to the vases shown in this photo.

When grouping several different types of vases together, using one type or color of flowers will help tie it all together.

The idea of grouping vases together is a simple and easy tablescaping idea you can use for any occasion, from a dinner party to a wedding reception.

I’m pretty certain you have a similar vase or two around the house. Why not put them to use? Try a few of the designs and ideas presented here.

This video demonstrates several more ideas using simple square glass vases.

These easy ideas can turn even a simple glass cube vase into a versatile, must-have home decor item.

Choosing the Right Contemporary Vase for any Room

What makes choosing the right vase so hard is the nearly limitless choices of designs, colors, and styles available. But that’s what also makes finding the perfect vase so rewarding.

Ceramic, glass, and vases made from hardwoods are my favorite vase materials.

When shopping for vases remember that not all decorative vases are designed to hold water. If you plan to use fresh flowers, make sure your vase is non-porous and won’t leak.

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When choosing decorative vases, I look for vases that are unique, versatile, and functional. Pictured here is one of my personal favorites, a multi-tube ceramic vase that’s a perfect accent anywhere in your home or office.

These contemporary ceramic flower vases are available in a variety of styles and colors. A new twist to the traditional bud vase, these vases are designed to hold a single, or several blooms, perfect for an added dash of color where needed.

They can be mixed, matched, or combined to create a great tablescape or a perfect finishing touch on any tabletop.

An eclectic selection of these vases are pictured below, but if none of these suits your style, be sure to check out the ceramic vase collection here. I am certain you’ll find the perfect vase at the right price.

Ceramic Bud Vases

You can find many more contemporary ceramic vases on this page.

You’ll also find more decorative glass vases here.

Finding One-of-a-Kind Contemporary Decorative Vases

Whenever I’m looking for an unusual decorative vase, I always check eBay. I always find a lot of decorative vases listed there, many that are one-of-a-kind pieces.

I’ve found a few hidden gems, too! And some I’ve found, I picked up at prices that were really a steal!

Here’s a few examples of what’s available right now.

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