How To Make Kokedama – Japanese Moss Balls

Last Updated on June 30, 2022

Discover the recipe for making beautiful and unique kokedama for yourself or others. Find out how super easy they are to make here.


Kokedama is a Japanese form of garden art that uses moss or other natural materials to create beautiful hanging decorations. They are often used as gifts but also serve as decorative pieces in homes and offices.

If you are intrigued with the art of Kokedama, you might want to learn how to make these Japanese moss balls yourself. In that case, I think you’re going to enjoy this tutorial.

But first, you might be asking…

What exactly is Kokedama?

Kokedama, or moss ball, combines soil and plant material into a ball wrapped in moss, providing an artificial ecosystem for plants.

In addition, the moss provides moisture retention and helps keep the ball from drying out too quickly. The result of these two factors makes it possible to grow many different types of plants inside your kokedama.

I’ve seen plants including asparagus fern, staghorn ferns, bird ‘s-nest fern, grape ivy, prayer plant, lucky bamboo, and even African violets in kekedama.  

Why Make Kokedama?

Because kokedama is considered a traditional Japanese art object, they make unique decorative accent pieces that can be used throughout a home or office space.

Kokedama can also be placed in a variety of vases or bowls, making each of them a unique gift idea as well.

How To Make Kokedama

Making a kokedama is really pretty easy. The materials you’ll need to start with include:

In a step-by-step fashion, this video will show you how easy it is to make a kokedama. Watch and see for yourself.

I hope you enjoyed the video and learning about how to make a kokedama! I’m sure you didn’t think creating a unique art form like this was this easy, even if you don’t have a green thumb.

And just to recap the steps involved…

  1. Start by choosing your favorite plants.
  2. Prepare your soil.
  3. Add your plant into the soil ball.
  4. Wrap the ball of soil with sphagnum moss and secure it with a piece of twine or floral wire.
  5. Enjoy your kokedama!

If you love kokedama but don’t want to make the moss-covered balls from scratch, you can use a premade moss container like this one. Just drop in your plant, hang, and enjoy!

kokedama container
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How To Care For Kokedama

Caring for kokedama is really pretty simple if you follow these steps.

  • Light
    Light requirements will vary with the type of plant you choose. Most indoor plants prefer areas with bright indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight. A southern exposure away from a window is ideal.
  • Watering
    Watering can be done weekly by submerging your kokedama in a bowl of water for three minutes or so.
    Remove excess water by allowing them to drip-dry for another five minutes before hanging or re-displaying them.
    Remember to adjust the watering schedule depending on the type of plants you’ve chosen.
  • Fertilizing
    Fertilizing can be done during the spring and summer months, using a water-soluble indoor plant fertilizer at half-strength. Once a month, just add the fertilizer to the bowl of water and soak as usual.

Following these directions, your kokedama should last several years indoors.

Now that you’ve seen how simple they are to make, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have your own collection of kokedama. Making them is fun, relaxing, and creative – all qualities that most people appreciate. So why not get started today!

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