3 Easy Ways To Finish Off A Hand-Tied Wedding Bouquet

3 Easy Ways To Finish Off A Hand-Tied Wedding Bouquet

A great finish makes any hand-tied wedding bouquet look professional.

This video takes you by the hand and shows you two different ways to use satin ribbon for a high-quality finish, and a third way using an aspidistra leaf for a more natural-looking finish.

Think how creatively you will be able to finish off any hand-tied wedding bouquet like this, by following the insider tips revealed here.

If you’re someone who wants to increase your wedding design skills, then be sure to check out the step by step tutorial.

It’s a video I think you’re going to find very useful. Check it out and see if you feel the same!

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I certainly hope you liked the video, and can’t wait to give these a whirl with your next hand-tied wedding bouquets. These finishing touches will really compliment all of the gorgeous flowers and foliages you’re using in your bouquets.

And while we’re on the subject, all of the flowers and greens used in this video, including the aspidistra leaves, can readily be found online or ordered from a local florist.

You can find the flowers online at websites such as FiftyFlowers, BloomsbytheBox and GlobalRose. These three are ones that I’ve personally experienced.

Wholeblossoms.com and BunchesDirect.com are also solid alternatives, but they don’t tick as many boxes as the others for me.

If you only require a few top-quality flowers, rather than buying them online, buy them from a local florist. It might cost slightly more, but you won’t have to buy as much.

Likewise, the supplies that were used in the video, including the double-faced tape, the white double face satin ribbon and the bullion wire can be found on Amazon, as well as at hobby and craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels.

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