Using Twitter for Business? Here Are My Personal Guidelines For Following People

Last Updated on May 26, 2022

If you're using Twitter for your business, you need to set up some rules to follow. Here are my personal guidelines for following people on Twitter.

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Here Are The Personal Rules I Use For Following People on Twitter

If you are using Twitter for business, you need to set up some rules to follow. Here’s what I did, and more importantly, why I did it.

First off, it’s obvious that some people seem to think they are really doing well when they get thousands of people following them on Twitter.

Well, I’m not one of those people. In fact, I regularly go into my Twitter account and unfollow some people, and in some cases, block people from following me.


Because I’m selective. A lot of stuff on Twitter doesn’t add value, and I don’t follow people who fill my feed with constant sales messages.

I understand the marketing value, but Twitter is not a free marketing billboard. If you want to market on Twitter, buy an ad.

My first rule is that the people I follow on Twitter must be engaging. If all you’re going to do is tweet (or re-tweet) famous quotes sandwiched between blatant sales messages, don’t expect me to follow you back.

Sure, it does decrease the number of people who are in my circle of influence, but I also think it makes my core group of followers more loyal and feel more exclusive.

Most are people looking for helpful information, but many are also colleagues or industry professionals.

I actually welcome a recommendation or special offer from them, because many have earned my trust through our interactions.

I view all social media like a club, much like the VIP members program at our shop. Like all social media platforms, our VIP program is free to join. And also like every social media platform, it does have an entry requirement.

And that requirement is giving us permission to market to you.

Since the benefits of membership in our VIP program kick in only after we receive your permission, people can decide whether or not to join. And they can also choose to leave if they don’t want to hear from us anymore.

It’s the same way I view Twitter. I will follow you back only if your profile has

  • a real name,
  • a profile pic and city,
  • links back to your web site or blog,
  • your timeline is recent, and most importantly,
  • you have something interesting to say.

I personally don’t think that these requirements are too much to ask if you want me to follow you on twitter.

If you want to follow me on Twitter or any of the social media platforms I’m on, you can find a list of them here. But please don’t assume that I will automatically follow you back.

They say that in business, it’s all about the numbers. But I believe it’s really all about the right numbers, and the right people.

Til next time,

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Greg Johnson
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