Vintage Wedding Bouquet Ideas and Inspiration

Last Updated on January 10, 2021

Vintage wedding bouquets are trendier today than ever. If you're looking for some great vintage wedding bouquet ideas, you will want to read on.

vintage wedding bouquet ideas

Vintage Wedding Bouquet Ideas and Inspiration

If you’re looking for vintage wedding bouquet ideas, there are a ton of pictures online.

Since the vintage look continues to be a hot wedding trend today, brides often ask about flowers that can be used to create a unique “vintage look”.

And do it without breaking the bank.

Here are a few good resources I found.

Hopefully, they’ll provide you with some vintage wedding bouquet ideas and inspiration, whether you are working with a florist or doing it yourself.

Truly Bespoke Vintage Wedding Bouquets

vintage wedding bouquet ideas

These beautiful bouquets combine the faded vintage tones of ‘Amnesia’ roses, poppy seed pods, white stock, dill, and David Austin’s ‘Keira’ garden roses. Read more …

Vintage and Chic Bridal Bouquet

vintage bouquet

Vintage always means timeless as it covers a specific period and anything vintage never becomes old-fashioned, unlike other popular fashion pieces. Read more …

A Vintage Cascading Bridal Bouquet

vintage cascading bridal bouquet

Flowers are not only one of the most important visual elements of any wedding day but are also one of the strongest memory cues…so for brides looking for vintage bouquet inspiration, this bouquet is one of my favorites. 

Read more …

Vintage Elegance – Real DIY Wedding Bouquets

Real DIY Wedding Vintage Elegance

If you are considering doing your flowers on your own, this article will shed some light on the process. carries over 2000 different varieties of flowers for the do-it-yourself bride. Here’s what one bride made: a bridal bouquet, 4 bridesmaid’s bouquets, 8 boutonnieres, 21 centerpieces, and 10 other decorations for the aisle. Read more …

Choosing Flowers for a Vintage Wedding

Sometimes simple touches are best. I love this video about choosing flowers for a vintage wedding from Sarah Brysk Cohen. I think that you’re gonna like it, too!

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