How To Wire Flowers For Corsages – The Techniques The Pros Use

Last Updated on February 9, 2023

Wiring flowers is a basic floral design skill anyone working with flowers should know. If you want to learn the techniques the pros use, watch this video.

wiring flowers

Learn To Wire Flowers For Corsages The Way The Pros Do

Knowing how to wire flowers is a basic floral design skill that anyone who works with flowers should know how to properly do, whether for corsages, wedding bouquets, flower crowns, or other design extensions.

This on-point video by FlowerJoos shows you the proper way to wire common corsage and boutonniere flowers.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a DIY floral designer and want to improve your floral design skills, I think you’ll find the video interesting and informative.

Take a look and see. I am certain you’ll come away with a tip or two you can use.

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It’s great that you took a few minutes to check out the video! Hopefully, it will serve you well. Mastering the basics of wiring flowers properly is crucial to your success in designing corsages and boutonnieres and other flowers to carry or wear.

Where To Buy Floral Wire And Supplies

All of the floral wire and supplies you need to get started can be purchased in convenient packages that include green-enameled floral wire, tape and wire cutter, for less than $15 bucks on Amazon.

If you only need wire, the most commonly-used gauges are #22 and #26. They come in bundles of 50 or more pieces. Each piece is 16 inches long. Paddle wire will also work, but in my opinion, it’s not as convenient to use for wiring flowers for corsages.

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