How to Put Your Valentine Flowers on Steroids Plan To Send Valentine Flowers This Year? Do This To Be Sure Your Flowers Make An Unforgettable Impact.

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Learn The Secret To Pumping Up The Impact Of The Valentine Flowers You Send

So you’d like to send Valentine flowers to the love of your life this year. Great idea – you know she loves them.

But here’s the secret to making an unforgettable impact – It’s all in the delivery.

Here are 4 tips to help put your Valentine flowers on steroids

  1. First of all, the holiday falls on Sunday this year. Send them several days early to her at work or anyplace her friends and coworkers can see them delivered to her.

    By sending them early, you’ll allow her to enjoy them for most of the week as well.

    Also, note the early delivery by saying something on the enclosure card like “Couldn’t wait to show you how much I love you.”

  2. Sending Valentine flowers to your wife? Be romantic. Send her the same flowers she carried down the aisle on your wedding day.

    If you’re unsure what those flowers were (or don’t remember), find a picture and get it to your florist.

    Make sure you mention something about why you chose those particular flowers on the enclosure card.

    She’ll love your thoughtfulness.

  3. Want to score some major points? Send two bouquets, one to your Valentine and a second bouquet to her mother.

    Thank her mom for bringing the love of your life into the world.

    And don’t forget the first point, deliver Mom’s flowers to wherever others will be sure to see them as well.

  4. I’m a flower guy, so I usually never recommend sending potted plants for Valentine’s Day.

    But if your Valentine is a gardener, it’s OK. She’ll appreciate her flowers even if the roots are still attached.

Remember, it’s not what type of Valentine flowers you send, it’s the impact they deliver!

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