Amaryllis Plant Care Made Simple With These Easy-Peasy Tips Want to Know the Secret to Simplify Your Amaryllis Plant Care? It's Easy Once You Know These Tips.

amaryllis plant care

Simplify Amaryllis Plant Care Using These Tips

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Amaryllis (Hippeastrum hybrids) plants are known for their colorful and showy trumpet-shaped flowers, most often seen in red, white, and purples. Caring for and maintaining your amaryllis plant is easy if you follow these guidelines.


Amaryllis grow best indoors in a well-lighted area that receives at least four hours of direct sunlight each day, preferably near a sunny, southern exposure window.


Keep the soil evenly moist. Water thoroughly when the soil surface is dry to the touch. Increase watering frequency during the flowering period. To avoid root rot, never allow the plant to stand in water.


Amaryllis prefers warm temperatures (70°F-75°F) for best growth until the roots form, and the leaves and flower stalk begin to grow. Once the plant flowers, cooler temperatures (65°F) will extend the life of the flower. Do not expose amaryllis to excessively hot or cold areas.

Growing and Reblooming Your Amaryllis

Amaryllis is one of the easiest bulb plants to grow and care for. They have a fairly short growing season, making them perfect for growing in either a pot or in the ground.

The secret of successfully growing amaryllis is to keep the plants actively growing after they finish blooming. Remove the flowers as soon as they fade by cutting the stem off just above the bulb. During the next several months, growth is active and should be encouraged for future bulb development.

Keep the soil slightly moist and fertilize with a balanced houseplant fertilizer at regular intervals.

Amaryllis are famous for their ability to bloom again year after year. If you wish to re-flower your amaryllis plant, there are several steps you need to take.

  • First, stop all watering and fertilizing for 8 to 10 weeks. The leaves will turn yellow and wither.
  • When you see the top of the flower bud beginning to emerge, place the plant in a sunny area and start watering it again. Remove all dry foliage.
  • As the flower stalk begins to lengthen, rotate the plant every few days to prevent it from leaning towards the light.

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