Poinsettia Care Tips – Choosing and Caring for this Holiday Favorite

Colorful poinsettias are a holiday favorite. Here are some useful poinsettia care tips that will help you to enjoy yours longer.

Poinsettia Care Tips – Choosing and Caring for this Holiday Favorite

Whether you bought a poinsettia to enjoy yourself or received one as a gift, here’s a video clip from Laura at GardenAnswer that shares some helpful poinsettia care tips.

From what to look for when choosing a poinsettia, to keeping a poinsettia plant beautiful throughout the holiday season and beyond, it’s all here.

Whether you are a seasoned plant veteran or a newbie, this video answers a lot of the commonly asked questions that we hear frequently about poinsettias.

We think you’re going to find this video helpful, especially if you love beautiful poinsettias as much as we do. Check it out and see for yourself.

I hope this video helps you to better understand how to choose a poinsettia, care for it, and how to continue to keep it growing after the holiday season.

Choosing the right poinsettia

Besides the tips in the video, I would add that you should avoid buying a poinsettia that is displayed in a protective plant sleeve, like the ones shown here.

They should be used for transporting them only and should be removed promptly upon arrival.

How to care for it through the holiday season

No matter what color or variety, basic poinsettia care is the same.

  • Provide bright light
  • Temperatures between 65°F – 75°F. No drafty areas.
  • Water when top layer of soil is dry
  • Provide extra humidity if possible

Really, that’s pretty much all there is to it.

How do I get it to rebloom?

An overview of the steps needed to get a poinsettia to rebloom is covered well in the video. Most people find that the process is a lot more work than they would like to do.

I can’t blame them, either. Poinsettia plants are not that expensive, so most people don’t bother unless they’re up for the challenge.

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