How to Recycle Flowers – 5 Creative Ideas You Can Use

Last Updated on March 27, 2021

How to Recycle Flowers – 5 Creative Ideas You Can Use

You already know that flowers brighten up a room and instantly make us feel better. But flowers have a practical side too.

recycle flowers

Here are five ways to preserve and recycle flowers to get more out of them, once their vase life is nearing an end:

Five Creative Ways to Recycle Flowers

  • From Bloom to Bow. A flower that’s a few days old and still fresh looking is an excellent addition to a gift. Wrap the box, add a ribbon and tie on a blossom, a large daisy or sunflower perhaps. Just one or two will do and it truly perks up a package.
  • Again and Again. Hydrangea is one of many flowers that can be dried, stored and reused. Be sure to cover while in storage to protect from dust. For more details on how to preserve hydrangeas, watch this video:
  • Sans Stems. Rose petals look beautiful in a basket or bowl or loosely scattered among candles on a tabletop or perfume bottles on a bathroom shelf.
  • Be an A-lister. A colleague of mine used burgundy pansy petals to adorn her wedding invitations. It was a small wedding, but you could do the same for a shower, birthday or anniversary parties.
  • Note It. This is a great tip for both DIYers and gardeners. Take a photo of any flower arrangements you make, print it out and paste it into a notebook. Keep notes on what flowers were used, how many and how they worked in the arrangement. The more you design and record it, the more adept you’ll become. Plan it out before you plant.

There you have it, five easy ways to creatively recycle flowers. For more information, check out this post on preserving flowers and reusing them, as well as the related articles below.

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