Wedding Flower Etiquette – Who Should Get A Corsage Or Boutonniere?

Wedding Flower Etiquette – Who Should Get A Corsage Or Boutonniere?

When it comes to wedding flower etiquette, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to who should get a corsage or boutonniere.

But there are a few guidelines you should follow.

No doubt you’ve gotten help from family and friends throughout your life and especially leading up to your wedding.

But when it comes to the big day, how do you thank them?

One of the best ways is to present them with a corsage or boutonniere.

Making the people who have helped you feel special on your wedding day is a small gesture that will be remembered long after your wedding day.

Learn the wedding flower etiquette rules you should observe relating to boutonnieres and corsages in this short video.

Thanks for watching! I hope that helped to clear up any confusion you had regarding corsages and boutonnieres. .

If you want a few more wedding flower etiquette tips, check with your florist or wedding planner, or check out another good article on the subject here.

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