A Common Sense Guide to Negotiating with Wedding Vendors Want to Get the Best Deals When Negotiating With Wedding Vendors? It's Easy If You Follow These Tips

negotiating with wedding vendors

How To Negotiate with Wedding Vendors – A Common Sense Approach

When it comes to planning a wedding or special event, there is a lot of misinformation out there, especially when it comes to the best ways of negotiating with wedding vendors.

Since most brides (as well as some vendors) are not skilled negotiators, the process often becomes an exercise in futility for both parties.

I recently came across a very timely “Ask the Experts” post on the Bridal Guide blog.

I think it’s a must-read for anyone planning a wedding or special event today.

The article spells out some simple, common-sense guidelines for negotiating with wedding vendors.

Ask the Experts: “What’s the Best Way to Negotiate with Wedding Vendors?”

It complements an article I wrote about choosing the right florist for your wedding. That article is based on my 40+ years of experience in the floral business.

If you’re looking to get the best price and service possible from the wedding vendors you choose to work with, I would check out both of these articles.

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I pour through a lot of material on wedding topics, (like the negotiating articles I highlighted), and a site where I could curate some of the best is really what I was after.

Of course, I do see this as something of an opportunity, as well. I’m just being honest.

If I’ve got the ability to build a fun and useful site that other people like even half as much as I do, and maybe monetize it a little bit, then I don’t personally see anything to feel bad about.

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If my sponsors happen to entice you with their offers, I’d be super grateful! If not, then my feelings won’t be hurt. I’m just glad that you’re here.

I’m just good with sharing solid wedding planning information with like-minded people!

So that’s why this blog exists. It’s essentially a place for people who care about good wedding planning information to get together and check out some of the latest information. Sound good? Great! It’d be great to have you back again sometime soon.

I’ll keep sharing helpful information on topics like weddings, flowers, plants… and more!

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