Learn To Make A Twisted Wire Wristlet Like A Professional

Learn To Make A Twisted Wire Wristlet Like A Professional

If you want to make a wrist corsage that really stands out, then you need to check out this awesome twisted wire wristlet tutorial from Len Busch Roses.

It takes you by the hand and shows you how to design a gorgeous, custom etched twisted wire wristlet, from start to finish.

Whether you are designing corsages for a wedding, prom or any special occasion, this on-point video shows you how quickly you can create fabulous wrist corsages like this one, simply by following several of the insider tips shown here.

If you want to add a very trendy wire technique to your floral design arsenal, I think you will truly love this video. Watch and see if you agree.

I hope you enjoyed that… and can’t wait to try it yourself.

And while we’re on the topic, the floral supplies used in this video, including the UGlu strips, round nose pliers, aluminum wire, bullion wire and corsage glue can easily be bought online at Amazon for less than $10 each.

Because you only need a few high-quality blossoms, whether fresh or silk, I suggest buying them from your local florist.

One other tip, if I may. If you are using silk flowers, I always recommend using fresh greens whenever possible, as they will help to make your bridal bouquet appearing more life like.

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