How To Arrange Calla Lilies in a Tall Cylinder Vase

Last Updated on April 12, 2024

Use this dead-simple way to arrange calla lilies for your wedding or event that's guaranteed to amaze your guests.

arrange calla lilies

Are you looking for a show-stopping centerpiece idea for a wedding or special event? Then this short tutorial is one you’ll want to watch.

In this video, master florist Alexandra Lyons walks you through an easy way to arrange calla lilies in a glass cylinder vase.

Whether you are an experienced floral designer or a do-it-yourselfer, this is a video I think you’ll really enjoy! Watch and see.

Well, did you like the video? I hope so!

Suppose you are interested in designing similar centerpieces of this size for an event. In that case, there are several takeaways from this video that weren’t explicitly mentioned but are worth noting.

Although it may look complicated, this is an easy and impactful centerpiece design that anyone can create, regardless of their experience. Just follow the steps in the video, and you will amaze your guests.

Sourcing the Flowers and Supplies You Need

Cylinder vases come in various heights and diameters. Still, for stability, the larger the diameter is, the more stable the arrangement will be.
The vase used in the video has a diameter of 6 inches, which allows for adding spiral bamboo.

You can either buy or rent cylinder vases. If renting is your thing, check with local wedding florists or event companies to see what they have to offer. You can also buy cylinder vases in larger sizes from, a site that specializes in event glass.

cylinder vases

You can purchase calla lilies online at GlobalRose, Flower Explosion and BloomsbytheBox. There are lots of others out there, but these are the only sites that I’ve had any personal experience with.

The spiral bamboo used in the video can be purchased on eBay, Amazon, or ordered through your local florist.

When selecting your calla lilies and bamboo online, be sure that they are at least as tall as the height of the vase you’re using. Translation: Read the fine print before ordering.

Lastly, 28 gauge crimped bullion wire can also be found on Amazon for around $10.

Preparing the Cylinder Vases

This is the easy part. All you’ll need are some pebbles or river rocks, which can be found at any landscape or garden center.

Add enough rocks to cover the bottom of the vase. Then add a couple of inches of water, and you’re ready to begin putting together your arrangement.

In the video, a packet of floral preservative is added to the water at the end, but we prefer mixing a liquid floral preservative into the water beforehand.

Don’t add too many rocks or overfill with water, as you don’t want the vases to get heavy quickly.

Adding the Calla Lilies and Bamboo

Begin designing the arrangement by wiring each calla lily to a bamboo stalk for support. If you’re using three flowers, start by inserting the shortest bloom and work your way up to the longest stem. Just follow each step in the video.

Once all three stems are where you want them in the vase, your arrangement is finished. That’s all there is to it.

When making multiple arrangements, remove the stems and use them as a template to cut the others for the remaining vases.

That way, if you need to complete the arrangements at the venue, each stem will be ready to use, making the finishing process go much faster.

This eliminates unnecessary on-site labor time as well as making delivery and setup much more manageable.

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