Make Your Orchid Terrarium Look Amazing Using These Tips Want To Create An Amazing Orchid Terrarium? See How Easy It Is To Do In This Video.

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You Can Create a Beautiful Orchid Terrarium – It’s Simple Once You Know These Tips

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If you’re looking for a unique terrarium idea, then check out this video by the folks at eHow. It explains how to put together a stunning orchid terrarium, even if you have never given it a shot before.

Whether you are a veteran or a fairly new indoor gardener, this on-point DIY video addresses many of the concerns that you may have regarding terrariums.

It also contains a tip or two that even surprised me!

I think you’ll find this video helpful, especially if you really want to try your hand at making an orchid terrarium.

Check it out and see.

I hope you got something out the video. I know I did.

For more unusual terrarium ideas, I also suggest checking out a book on terrariums by Tovah Martin entitled “The New Terrarium“.

Image:Greenfield Flower Shop

After thumbing through a few pages in her book, not only did I find several really simple, quick and usable terrarium ideas I could use, but I also had one of those “ah-ha” moments! I realized I was still picturing the terrariums of yesterday. You know, the plants in a fishbowl sort of thing.

When I saw the kind of “outside of the box” terrarium ideas she was using, I could clearly see why terrariums are enjoying such a resurgence in popularity. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at them.

Some of the ideas I culled from the book we’ve used in the shop, like the orchid terrarium shown here. It can easily be created in a cylinder vase along with some decorative pebbles and moss, in just a few minute’s time.

Finding everything you need is pretty simple. Local florists, garden centers, and hobby shops carry a variety of terrarium supplies.

You can also shop a complete line of terrarium plants, containers and supplies here.

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