Primrose Plant Care In 3 Simple Steps

Last Updated on May 19, 2022

Struggling to care for your primrose plants indoors? It's easy if you follow these three simple steps.

primrose care indoors

Easy Indoor Primrose Plant Care In 3 Steps

Wow! Sometimes simplicity rules the day. I really like this video about primrose plant care from the folks at Almondsbury Garden Centre because we get many questions about the care of primrose plants.

The primrose plants most often sold by florists are the polyanthus primula, which is a hybrid variety. They are a common plant found at many floral outlets in the fall, winter, and early spring.

It is a low-growing and compact plant that features small, vibrant clusters of flowers that grow from the center of the plant.

Primrose plant care is really pretty easy, as you’ll see in this short video clip. Watch it – I think you’ll find it interesting.

houseplant secrets

Didn’t I tell you it was pretty simple? Just to recap…

Primrose plant care is effortless if you follow these simple tips.

  • Primroses like cooler conditions and can remain in bloom for weeks if kept at temperatures between 50° to 60° F.
  • Primroses need little direct sunlight, making them a great winter-blooming plant to enjoy in this area.
  • Water your primrose frequently, but do not allow it to sit in water, as it can cause the plant to rot.

My Primroses Are Done Flowering. What Do I Do Now?

Just like a few of today’s elite college basketball players, primulas are a blooming plant that’s also considered “one and done.”

After primulas are through blooming, they can be discarded. If you hate the thought of just throwing them away, you can try replanting them outdoors.

If you have an area that’s suitable for growing them, it’s definitely an option.

You can find more information on replating them outdoors here: Primula For All Climates

More Tips and Advice on Indoor Primrose Care

If you would like a little more in-depth care information about caring for primroses indoors, here a couple of resources worth checking out:

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primrose plant care
primrose plant care
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