How to Find a Great Local Florist Online

Last Updated on April 8, 2024

Need to find a great local florist online? Here are a few tips and money-saving advice to help you find one in any area.
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Finding a Great Local Florist Online Is Easier Than You Think

Even though technology has made sending flowers anywhere in the world today a quick and easy process, many people don’t know how to find a reputable local florist.

Here are a few tips to help you find a great local florist that can tastefully arrange and hand-deliver a beautiful bouquet to your special someone.

Here’s How To Go About Finding A Great Local Florist

The good news is that there are lots of trustworthy local florists online.

The bad news is that locating them has become more complicated as more and more non-floral sites add flowers to their offerings.

It has made things more confusing for consumers rather than simpler.

In the past, I recommended several florist directory sites I used to find reputable local florists. Teleflora’s Findaflorist and FTDFlorists were my go-to directory sites.

Although they are still good sites, they’re not as useful as they once were for these reasons:

  • Sometimes, it was very difficult to locate a florist that served the recipient’s delivery area. It usually happens when the delivery address is remote or rural.
  • Also, many florists do not receive enough orders to justify the expense of being listed on a directory site. So the number of florists became limited.
  • Local search has improved, especially with map listings on major search engines.

A while back, I created a custom Google search tool to locate local florists quickly and easily. I have since made it available for anyone to use. You can find it below.

How To Use The Search Tool

For best results, start by entering the term “florist” or “flower shop” (without the quotes), followed by the city and state or province or the zip/postal code.

You’ll get custom search results from both Google’s primary and local search engines. Both are excellent resources for finding local brick-and-mortar flower shops.

If you want, you can further refine your search by flower type or occasion or check out reviews of local florists by others.

Check for a physical address and phone number on each site to ensure you purchase from a local brick-and-mortar florist.

Although you’ll get search results quickly, they may not always be accurate. I suggest you call and talk directly to the florist you select rather than placing your order online. There are several advantages to calling and speaking directly with them.

  • You will know immediately if your order can be delivered same-day, or if they can recommend another local florist.
  • If you have any special requests, you will know if they can be accommodated.
  • You will get their local price.
  • You will avoid paying an additional service fee.

With a little digging, you’ll find a florist that will help.

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Order Online Or By Phone?

When I transfer a floral order on behalf of a customer, I call. The web is an excellent research tool but impersonal when ordering flowers.

The number of online orders we receive is growing, but we still take many orders over the phone. I’m sure this is the case with most local florist websites.

Although the web offers 24/7 convenience, remember you are still dealing with a local business that sets its business hours.

So if you place an order online after hours, I suggest following up by phone during regular business hours.

Avoiding Service Fees

If you want to avoid paying additional fees to get flowers delivered to another city or town or need flowers delivered the same day, here’s a quick tip to save yourself at least $10.

Most florists charge a service fee when they transfer your order to another florist who will fill it and deliver it. You will not pay a service fee when you order directly from the florist delivering your flowers. You will only pay for the flowers, their local delivery charge, and sales tax.

If there is a service fee, you are paying a third party to do something you can easily do yourself with a few mouse clicks or a quick phone call.

Most order-related complaints stem from placing an order with a third-party site.

Suppose you do have a problem with an order. If so, it’s easier to speak directly with the delivering florist, not a third party, who is just the messenger.

Trust me. Most problems quickly get resolved once you contact the florist who filled and delivered your order directly.

International Flower Delivery

This is one area where ordering online really has its advantages. In my opinion, the easiest site to use is

This site solves the most common issues with ordering flowers for delivery outside the United States. They can easily handle language, currency conversion, and local customs for you.

It’s the only site where I waive my “no service fee” rule because it’s worth paying for the convenience.

These are the methods I use to find a good, reliable local florist to deliver flowers on behalf of my customers.

Use them, and you’ll find you will locate, select, and order from any florist with confidence every time.

A Couple Of More Quick Tips

In cases where you are visiting a local shop’s website, make sure the site contains a local address and local phone number, or check out their “About Us” page. If you’re still unsure, call and ask for directions to the shop.

One additional note – most florists have a cut-off time for same-day delivery. If you need flowers delivered on the same day, make sure you know when the cut-off time is for delivery.

Selecting a florist in the same zip code makes your chances for same-day delivery much better.

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